Andrew Hewitt

CEO GameChangers 500
For Benefit Economy

Andrew Hewitt

Through his leadership in creating GameChangers 500, a ranking of the world’s top for-benefit businesses, Andrew Hewitt has become a sought-after expert on what differentiates high performing purpose-driven companies. His research has led him to be featured in major media such as BBC World News, Forbes and Fast Company, lecture at leading institutions such as the U.N. University for Peace and the Social Entrepreneurship World Forum, and work with both innovative companies like as well as century old corporations.

As a member of the Fourth Sector Mapping Initiative Advisory Council, Andrew is supporting the U.S. government’s transition to a four sector economy where for-benefit corporate structures will join the traditional three sectors of for-profits, non-profits, and government organizations. When he’s not researching for-benefit companies he’s often supporting millennials in finding meaningful careers within this movement, or sitting on advisory boards of organizations like the Pachamama Alliance.


“An organization that is focused on improving your health, if operating under a traditional corporate mandate to maximize profits, will eventually make decisions that put making an extra buck ahead of your best interests. I’m encouraged to see NHC setting a new standard of success within this industry and am grateful for the opportunity to guide them in maximizing their positive impact on people and the planet.”