Elias Ladopoulos

CEO, Supermassive Corp and Hackateer Ventures

Elias Ladopoulos

Elias Ladopoulos, aka “Acidphreak”, is an original hacker and founding member of MOD, Masters of Deception, the renowned underground hacker group on which the movie “Hackers” and the book “The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace”, were based. Elias’ story has been chronicled in media outlets including Wired, Esquire, and Harper’s, and was one of the first subjects selected to be profiled in “This American Life” on NPR. He remains a leader and mentor to a younger generation of hackers today.

After spending some time off paying his debt to society, Elias began turning his skills towards less easily sanctioned hacks, influencing the Matrix as a security, technology, innovation and strategy consultant for governments, Fortune 500 companies and various wolves of Wall Street and UHNW family offices (that is “ultra high net worth family offices” to you). Most recently, he is the founder and CEO of Supermassive Corp, a boutique agency, working with clients to accelerate their portfolio of technology assets and co-founder of Hackateer Venture Studios (HVS), a hacker-inspired industrial design studio blending technology, media, and culture.

Elias has teamed with Neurohacker Collective to develop Hacker’s Brew, a handcrafted nootropic-infused cold brew coffee for cognitive performance.

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“I’ve regularly experimented with nootropics as a means to achieve the levels of performance of my earlier hacking years. Until I began working closely with NHC, submitting myself to their process and utilizing their proprietary formulas (those widely-available, as well as their ‘black label’ versions), nothing came close to my desired performance. Through a scientific process of experimentation, including advanced profiling via specialized lab testing and continuous medical supervision, I’ve established a base for accelerated personal optimization going forward. This has been no ordinary journey as compared to traditional medicine and so-called experts in the field of cognitive enhancement — this is neuroscience applied as per the hacker ethos — the shortest-path to a dramatic, realized outcome.”