Erica Lee

Founder, AstrX
Human Performance and Exponential Technology

Erica Lee

Embodying a mindset of abundance and “moonshot thinking,” Erica Lee is a 23 year old entrepreneur expanding human performance & creativity through exponential technology companies facilitating sustainable improvements in accelerated education and self-learning.

Erica is the Founder/CEO of AstrX, an international Marketing Automation company, and Meteor360, a VR Education company with its flagship products: “Haven,” a personal development immersion program and later plans for ”SpeakX,” a language education program.

Erica’s an active member of several communities: Singularity University (Digital Executive & Global Solutions Program 2016), Abundance360 (Peter Diamandis’ hand selected mastermind),
MaverickNEXT (young entrepreneurs under 25 with 6+ figure business), MIT Sloan (Seoul Global Entrepreneurship Program 2016) and Archangels (scholarship recipient). She’s the founder/former host of the XPRIZE SD Think Tank of 100+ members.

Before venturing out as a tech entrepreneur, Erica’s previous experience includes research at Harvard School of Public Health’s BioImaging Lab and Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, private wealth management at Morgan Stanley and mastermind/subscription programs at NeuroGym by John Assaraf.

A supernerd hustler since childhood, Erica is driven by curiosity, a strong desire to learn and empowerment with technology. She is an avid Book Worm (business, fiction and personal growth), Gadget Geek (Pokedex to Palm Pilot to Apple Watch), SciFi/Thriller Fan (Star Wars, Donnie Darko, iRobot), Systems Builder (Sims’ houses to MySpace HTML to AutoCAD), and Biohacker (Quantified Self!).

Currently residing in San Francisco, Erica was born in Palo Alto and has lived in Denver, San Diego and Baltimore. Erica is inspired by futurist thinkers and creative technology designed to enhance the human condition, space and life beyond our universe.

Connect with Erica about: virtual & augmented reality, gamification, intuitive apps, artificial intelligence, deep machine learning, BCI, signal processing, robotics, networks and computing systems.


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