Rishi Khatri, JD/MD

CEO iMedRecovery and
Khatri Med Law, PC

Rishi Khatri

Dr. Khatri is on a mission to transform the “system” of healthcare. After watching insurance companies routinely denying approval of covered plans for medically necessary behavioral health treatment, he became compelled to do something to ensure people have access to proper care.

A practicing lawyer in California from 2005, Dr. Khatri decided that the easiest way to solve the problem was to add an MD to his resume. So he went to medical school with the specific intention of gaining the experience and knowledge through medical training to be an expert level advocate and counselor in healthcare. Now positioned at the intersection of medicine and law, Dr. Khatri has been developing an entire ecosystem around the future of medical care.

He is Doctor/CEO at iMedRecovery, a clinically effective drug and alcohol recovery program for adults and adolescents that is completely digital via live video conferencing by licensed therapists. He is owner and attorney at Khatri Med Law, a full-service boutique law firm and medical business consulting company. He is also founder of Q&A Consulting Group, a service to help behavioral health treatment programs effectively present to insurance providers the indisputable case for medical necessity.

Dr. Khatri received his Juris Doctor from The University of New Mexico School of Law, earning the Dean’s Award for ‘Most Significant Contribution to the Law School Community.’ He received his MD from the Medical University of the Americas. He has extensive expertise in regulations and credentialing in the medical industry, including recovery treatment.


“What Neurohacker does is something that is close to my own personal mission, which is to bring correct and actually useful information to people. There is a lot of garbage information and garbage products out there which exploit the fact that people want to hit their peak performance potential. Neurohacker cuts through the noise, and gives you the best information and solutions that are backed by hard science, not fantasy science or empty promises. I wish more companies would do that and it’s a mission I can get behind.”